来源:   日期:2019-03-19


  There are many kinds of printing technology. With the development of science and technology, more and more new technologies are applied in the printing industry. The bleeding technology is a typical example, which may not be understood by many people. Now let the relevant persons talk about this bleeding technology for you.
  In order to ensure the stability of the original design dimension in post-press processing, the technology of bleeding in printing mills extends some color plates outward in the original design dimension according to the practical situation. Modern packaging not only goes through a single printing process, but also goes through many processes from printing to scrap, such as: compounding and bagging in flexible packaging, polishing in paper packaging, film coating and die cutting, etc. These processes may cause large errors between the design size and the practical size.
  Therefore, it is necessary to apply bleeding technology rationally according to different designs. If the main color of many soft packages is full version, in order to ensure the stability of the basic size in the process of compounding, cutting and bag making, the main color plate is expanded 1.5-3 mm outward in the process of electric carving, so as to ensure that the waste products meet the requirements.
  There is a 4C portfolio in the marketing industry, which refers to the desires and needs of customers, the cost of meeting the needs, the convenience of completing the needs, and the communication needed to complete the needs. The 4C criterion can also be followed in the appearance design of printing and packaging, and the 4C criterion will have an important impact on packaging design. Let's see what Jinan printing and packaging professionals say.
  1. Psychological effect needs of customers:
  First of all, in order to design a good gift box printing and packaging products, designers must make clear the real needs of customers about gift box packaging products. To understand what effect customer demand packaging achieves, what level of effect demand packaging shows, and what specifications are there for appearance, color and pattern. As long as the psychological needs of customers are reached, talent is the premise of a good gift box packaging.
  II. Printing Cost of Gift Box Packaging
  When stopping gift box printing, it is also necessary to think about its cost. The ultimate purpose of product packaging is to serve the commodity itself as an additional product of the commodity itself. If early stop product packaging design, blindly pursuit of gorgeous, in the selection of raw materials and printing process, the cost formed is too large, exceeding the customer's wife and the value of the goods compared with their own ratio is too large, this is not a good product packaging.
  3. The Convenience of Completing the Effect of Packaging and Printing
  When stopping the design of product packaging effect, if we only pursue the beauty of visual effect blindly and only satisfy the customers and consumers'arbitrary requests in vision, then if we find that the existing printing process can not be completed when stopping the packaging and printing of products, its level of trouble is incredible. When the seat stops the design of packaging surface, we still need to do so. Think about whether the technology in the printing industry or the existing technology of the company can achieve its design effect.
  4. Communication with Consumers in Completing Gift Box Packaging Display
  Nowadays, many consumers will find that more and more product packaging is no longer just simple words or patterns. Often, a package that is easy to touch customers is always full of pictures and texts. If the packaging of a product can use graphics or words to stop the exchange of ideas with consumers, or lead consumers to purchase, the packaging of this product is undoubtedly a victory, reaching a good effect of packaging on the product.
  In short, Jinan printing and packaging professionals advocate that when we stop the packaging design of products, we should consider the 4C request, so the designed printing and packaging can be called effective high-quality packaging.